there are kittens in the nursery!
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Date of birth: 27.09.2014
Color : Brown (Sable)
Title: Champion



Gatsby came to us from the JUVILLA nursery in Belgorod.

Thank you to Yulia Mandrygina for such a wonderful cat!

We somehow unobtrusively stuck the name Luntik to him. Julia, forgive us for this! :)

Strawberry is very kind! He is insanely kind! He is unrealistically kind! You can tie it in a knot - it won't do anything. He loves children and lets them tie him in a knot!) He generally loves everyone except Grammy. Graham is his enemy No. 1. Therefore, they do not intersect, even though they live under the same roof. And if, God forbid, they meet, there will be a deadly fight – they have such mutual dislike.

Luntik is a darling with everyone else - he likes to sit on his knees, sleep in bed, always purrs and butts.

He is also handsome, smart and well-mannered! We love him!)

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