there are kittens in the nursery!
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There are very sad moments in breeding...

One of these moments is when you have to part with manufacturers. And sooner or later they will have to part with all of them, because among the tribal they are more


there is no place - they are no longer like everyone else. Pride animals often press them for this.

They should be kept separately also due to the fact that it is recommended to feed them with special food - food for castrates. Do not neglect these recommendations, especially if the animal is prone to weight gain.

This Cat gained extra pounds literally in a few months (3-4 months) after sterilization, living together with a cat (not a castrate), ate food, which is what a cat is for adult cats.

By chance, I don't know why, I decided to give her a general blood test with biochemistry, the result is increased glucose. Further tests confirmed a terrible, but not fatal diagnosis - Diabetes mellitus.

People live with him, cats too. But you need to inject insulin. Clearly 2 times a day, preferably at the same time. For a cat - in scanty doses, it's not expensive, but it's responsible.

The stake has been pricked for about six months and would have been pricked further if not for one thing. The cat still lives with the same cat (not a castrate) and, accordingly, when they eat regular food - the cat is normal, the Cat gains a lot of weight. When the cat food for castrates is normal, the cat loses a lot of weight - for a breeding cat, this is not normal, from the word - at all.

Unfortunately, there is nowhere to keep it separately.

The cat is very kind and insanely affectionate, one of the best in character of all our cats.

Her name is Naomi. Her son calls her Naomushka.

The cat is really cool, but it requires a little more responsibility and attention because of the nuances of health.

The cat is given for FREE, UNHURRIEDLY and to NO ONE, in exceptionally RESPONSIBLE and LOVING HANDS, with unobtrusive tracking of fate.







Lives in Natalia's family in Moscow, loves children, "builds" a second cat that lived there before her, and feels great!!! Naomi lost weight and almost got rid of her illness! We are insanely happy for her! Many thanks to Natalia for taking care of our Naomushka!

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