there are kittens in the nursery!
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Date of birth: 12.03.2020
Gender: Male
Color: Chocolate





When this cat was born, I already knew that he would stay. And so it turned out, while the baby was growing up, he did not disappoint me either with his appearance or his character. He has never had any problems with his health either.
This cat is the son of our legendary Gremmik, who was in 2014 the best animal in the Burmese breed according to the results of the Top-Cat.
Well, to everyone who has known me for a long time, it is clear why the name Lexus. Because I have the most positive emotions and trembling feelings associated with a car of this brand. He served me faithfully for 10 years, and when I sold him, I even cried a little.
But now I have another Lexus!)
And the feelings for him are just as tremulous! Apparently, all Lexuses are good, and it doesn't matter if you're a cat or a car!))

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