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18-19 October 2014, MALTA

Sheremetyevo Airport. Passport and vet control passed without complications.

There were not many Russians flying to the Maltese exhibition: in addition to us (there were 7 Burmese for four of us), there were also 3 pairs of cat owners from different cities, each pair had a pair of cats. In total, there are about 13 cats on the plane.


I have never suffered from motion sickness during flights, but during this flight even I was not comfortable. Either the pilot gained altitude too quickly, or we were sitting in the tail of the plane, or maybe there was just severe turbulence, but if a person is not ice, what can we say about animals. The cats were very nervous in the carriers. We held our own almost the entire flight in our arms. It's also good that only 2 animals were allowed to be transported per person!)).

Passengers who flew without cats were no less nervous - someone's (not ours) the cat peed, probably from fear, and people sat with obvious displeasure on their faces, covering their nose with a handkerchief. And some, with the words that they will remember this flight for a long time, asked to be transplanted away))). But, thank God, we flew safely.

Kevin, the organizer of the exhibition, met us at the Malta airport and took us with Galya and the cats to the studio to record a film. And this is right from the airport! And our things and the rest of the Russians went to the hotel. The film was recorded. Something he told there, what is not known, we just smiled)). The film was recorded to advertise the exhibition, because burma is exotic for them. And Russians with Burmese at the Maltese exhibition are doubly exotic)).

At the exhibition we held a presentation of the breed. The promised translator, however, was not there, but there were kind Russian emigrants who kindly offered their help as translators. Thank them so much for this!

Even at the exhibition, we were filmed by television and already showed for 5 minutes on Euronews! They told us that later. We were also interviewed for some kind of program. It was not an exhibition, but a show program)).

Their exhibitions are somewhat different from ours. Although both judges were Russian, but the Best was held according to the rules we are not familiar with)).
The first day of the Grammy was the Best of Best-I and he was given a cup. And Chika became the Best of Best-I of the second day, but we didn't get the cup, because then she was compared to a white Persian junior and gave the cup to a white Persian. And they gave us a medal (probably they were worried about our overload at the airport)). Then the white Persian was compared to someone else and gave another cup to the white Persian. Not everything was clear, but with its own charter... they don't go to Malta)). Besides, this white Persian was Kevin's cat). But we took medals! Chika took 1st place in the ring both days and took 2 gold medals, Grammy - 2nd place and silver. There were no more medals, places and prizes. Here is such a peculiar exhibition.

But the Maltese should be given their due. How they love cats! Everything, without exception. They make special parks for stray cats on the streets. They build houses, feeders, everyone walks, feeds. Every Maltese has several cats at home. Well done, they are kind and simple-minded. The word "Rashin" is exclaimed "Putin!")). And they listened to the Burmese breed with great interest and admiration.

And after the exhibition, we spent another week with interest and admiration learning about Malta, its history and sights, swimming and sunbathing.

On October 30, we returned home with our cats, medals and positive emotions.


Tess - Nom BIS, Best of Best opposite Sex

Chika - Nom BIS both days, WCF Adult ring 1st place both days, BEST OF BEST-I 2nd day of the exhibition

Grammy - Nom BIS both days, WCF Adult Ring 2nd place, BEST OF BEST-I 1st day of the exhibition

Pupa - NomBIS both days

P.S. For all the previous exhibitions and hanging out together, I got so used to the Grammys that I took him to myself, and he went to the Maltese exhibition already being my cat).

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